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The Canadian Men’s National Team enters the 2017 Kitakyushu Champions Cup fresh off a second place finish at the Americas Cup qualifier in August and is looking to build on that momentum while gaining valuable experience on the road to the 2018 World Championship in Germany and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Led by head coach Matteo Feriani, Team Canada features a solid core of veteran leaders with big game experience including several Paralympic champions. That core is complemented by an injection of talented youth who are knocking at the door at the senior international level and who represent the bright future of the Canadian men’s wheelchair basketball program. In addition to multiple returnees from Canada’s entry at the most recent Paralympics in Rio, the Canadian side also has several up-and-coming players who represented Canada on home soil at the 2017 Men’s U23 World Championship in Toronto this past June.

The Canadian men have spent the bulk of the summer training and building chemistry while centralized at the Wheelchair Basketball Canada National Training Centre in Toronto and are looking forward to kicking off the next phase of training and development. Canada welcomes the opportunity to play meaningful games against quality international opponents at the Kitakyushu Champions Cup, including host nation Japan in the home country of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.




 大韓民国(Republic of Korea)

This year, Jeju Province Wheelchair Basketball Team participate in Kitakyushu Champions’ Cup as a representative of Republic of Korea.
The team was found in 1999 and the purpose of the team is to pursuit a harmony and self-developing by playing wheelchair basketball with passion, strong will as well as challenge spirit.
We has won numerous national competitions supported by president Boo Hyeong-jong and athlete’s great effort. They won all the competitions in 2014, 4 times in 2015 and won national para games 5 years in a row.
With the team records, we truly became the best team of wheelchair basketball.
Furthermore, we produced many national team members.
Currently, we have 3 members of national wheelchair basketball team.
We have a clear way to promote the high level of Korea’s para sports by developing its performance.


 オランダ(the Netherlands)

The Netherlands has a group of young and quick players. A mix of great agility and shooting precision remarks the team, nicknamed the Orange Lions. The team will always show you the joy of sports, on the court and outside the court combined with professionalism and passion. The sports, on the court and outside the court combined with professionalism and passion. The Netherlands love to switch their offensive and defensive plays with high pressure and quick dribbling skills, trying to give the ultimate assist for their teammates and celebrate every score.

The last 3 years were successful for this young generation of players, from who 40% of the athletes are living, training and studying on one training accommodation: Papendal, the Olympic Center of the Netherlands. After a disappointing 15th place at the World Championships in 2014, they battled their way to the 4th palace in the European Championships of 2015.This meant the first qualification for the Paralympic Games since 2004. The Paralympic year of 2016, they came home from Rio with a great 7th place. They showed everyone they belong to the top 10 best teams in the world. And that is exactly what they confirmed this year with a consecutive 4th place at the European Championships in Spain, led by a new head coach :Cees van Rootselaar, a former able bodied basketball professional who got hooked to wheelchair basketball this year after his visit at the Osaka Cup(as interim asst. coach women). His dynamic group of players is still developing every day to get better. Next event : World Championships 2018.
The motto of the Orange Lions: “To battle is our nature”

 過去に大阪で行われた大会でアシスタントコーチとして参加して以来、車椅子バスケに魅了された元プロバスケットボール選手、ケース・ヴァン・ルートセラー ヘッドコーチが率いるこのチームは日々成長し続け、北九州チャンピオンズカップの後、2018年は世界選手権が待っています。
 オレンジライオンズのモットー“To battle is our nature”(戦いこそが、我々である)


We are deeply grateful for staging Kitakyushu Challenge Cup again this year.
For the Japan national team, this competition with a history is one of the precious international competitions to be held in Japan.
Currently, the team focuses on physical training, aiming for a faster and more powerful performance. We would like to bring out our best of what we have prepared for and compete as one to show our improvements to as many spectators as possible.
We hope you come to the venue and feel the speed and breathtaking performance that you can only see in wheelchair basketball. We would appreciate your rousing cheer for the Japanese team.